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Label Products

Your specialist in labels for dangerous goods, handling labels, UN labels and GHS symbols.

All kinds of specifications in stock, short delivery times and sharp prices.

We print:

- Dangerous goods labels for transport on road, on water or on rail: ADR, IMO and RID  
   labels in various dimensions.

- IATA labels for airtransport.

- EHS (marine pollutant), the new Limited Quantity labels.

- Handling labels:fragile, arrows, do not load on top, keep dry, ...

- UN labels (Kemler): the orange rectangles with the black number codes.

- GHS labels: 9 hazard symbols that replace the old ones (dangerous goods labels with  
  orange background); these symbols are obligatory for the packaging of substances from 
  the 1st of December 2010 on, for gazes they will be obligatory from the 15th of June 2015 

Short runs, big runs, on rolls, on sheets A4 or by piece.....

Depending on the application, we have various front materials and designs:
- Vellum mat for the handling labels.
- Gloss paper or polypropylene with or without varnish and whitecoatfilm for the dangerous
  goods labels.
- The colourfastness of the red framework on the GHS labels is between 700 and 1500
  hours of bright sunlight; the black print stays for 3500 hours.

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